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Trying on the wedding dress is certainly one of the most unforgettable experiences for every woman: here are what you need to know and some useful tips.

Try wedding dress: the secrets to know

Wearing the wedding dress for the first time is probably the most important appointment before the wedding itself. Seeing yourself in the mirror with the bouquet in your hand and wearing the dress with which you will get married is an unforgettable experience and for this reason, you need to know everything you need to get prepared. But how does the wedding dress fitting work? After choosing the atelier in which to buy your dress and making an appointment, it is advisable to present yourself to the test with a small group of companions, made up of the dearest people of all time: family and friends can help in the choice, but you don’t have to have a following of over 4 or 5 people.

Another important aspect is the complete underwear to wear: obviously, it will not be the one that will be shown off for the wedding, but it must still be a sober and discreet model that will help to wear the dress without attracting too much attention.

Another useful tip is to bring a camera and a notebook: you will probably be wearing a lot of clothes and it is impossible to remember them all, so don’t be afraid to take a few notes. To facilitate the choice of the wedding dress, in case you have family jewels such as tiaras and cameos to wear during the big day, it is advisable to wear them during the fitting: in this way, it will be easier to find a dress that creates the perfection of the precious and vice versa. Finally, it is better to avoid makeup and keep your hair tied up (simulating the wedding hairstyle that you will have during the big day), to see clearly how the dress is, without anything being hidden.

The final fitting of the dress: useful tips

After deciding what your wedding dress will be, the fateful moment of the final test will arrive, just a few days before the wedding. On that occasion, the last adjustments will be made to the dress and it will take off wearing a dress and shoes ( even low tops, why not!), In such a way as to gain maximum confidence with your special outfit.

A very useful tip is to bring a hairdresser and make-up artist with you: so they can create the hairstyle and make-up of the wedding day to show off together with the dress to see what the final effect will be. If the florist can also provide the bouquet or a trial bouquet similar to the original, the final result will be truly unforgettable! The secret is to let yourself be pampered by the team of experts that you will have at your disposal and never let yourself be overcome by anxiety: only in this way the wedding will be in all respects an authentic fairy tale to remember forever.

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