Sports to do in spring

Spring has arrived! 

What’s better than sports?
With the arrival of summer, there is more desire to have fun especially by trying new activities to do. 


Spring brings in all of us the desire to walk and explore new places. 

Trekking is the perfect discipline to enjoy beautiful days while keeping fit. 

Whether in the mountains or in the countryside, it is essential to equip yourself in the most appropriate way, choosing shoes designed for hiking and the right clothing. 

Have fun exploring new trails and watch the spectacle of nature! 


If hiking is not your strong point, how about pedaling? 

The mountain bike is perfect for tackling spring days with a sporty attitude. Remember to always fasten your helmet and predict the weather conditions in advance. 

Enjoy the bicycle and the scent of spring! 


A discipline born under the sun is, therefore, the emblem of the summer. 

Whether you skated as a kid or you are just starting out, you should definitely try getting on a board at least once. Spring encourages us to try something new. Let yourself be caressed by the wind and the sun’s rays and take your skateboard wherever you want! 


Are your child’s favorite toys horses? Do they beg you to take them horseback riding? Whatever it is, if your child is drawn to horses, you’ll know it. Horseback riding is a wonderful sport for kids. Not only does it teach them great responsibility (many children shovel stalls in exchange for discounted riding lessons), but kids with a true passion for horses spend hours at the barn, outside, and away from the incessant onslaught of phones, computers, and televisions. Riding horses is great exercise and helps kids develop balance, coordination, and flexibility. And the love of horses can evolve as your child grows as horseback riding can be done at any age. 



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