Flower holder

Personalized flower holder

In this period we spend more time at home, why not create a beautiful flower holder with our own hands? Discover some ideas to replicate right away!How many times are we unable to find the right position for our new plants indoors? Having small “green corners” in fact, as well as illuminating our home, creates truly original and exclusive areas. In addition, the scent of flowers inside the house always brings a good mood. So creating these environments is simple and effective, just a little time and imagination.

Surely to create a DIY flower stand, also perfect as a centerpiece in view of Easter, the first thing is to think of materials far from the world of gardening, which can adapt well to this new function.

DIY flower holders: here’s how to make your own

This is because the extravaganza will make you only brings flowers, and also the reuse of old objects will ensure that you will not waste more material, but transform them into something new: pot holders to hang do you made of jute ropes and fruit boxes for example, it can be an original idea to decorate your balcony.

Other examples can be found in trade magazines or even simply walking around the neighborhood: an antique chair, a tire, a wheelbarrow or a bicycle; all objects with the credentials to have a new life.

vase holder with do-it-yourself rope wall units could be born, for example, from a chandelier or a DIY wooden flower holder, perhaps embellished with decoupage, could see the light thanks to vegetable crates. So if you love creativity and have some time to devote to your hobby, you will create unique and special planters. And in case you don’t have any idea where to start, here are some examples that will help you.

Flower holder with clothespins

If you want to create a DIY wooden flower stand , then the clothes pegs will be perfect for your creations. Just choose a smooth container to attach your clothespins to, and if you want to give it a touch of color, you can easily paint them in the way that suits you best.

Flower holder from watering can

We have said that there are countless objects that are perfectly suited to become excellent pot holders: the watering can is certainly one of them. Just fill it with how much water you need and insert your fragrant flowers. What makes it buy even more points is that you can either place it in a corner of your home or hang it wherever you like.

Bring flowers in light bulbs

Perhaps you have never thought about it, but the bulbs of your burnt bulbs are perfectly suited to transform themselves into truly original flower holders: once you have cleaned the inside and the broken wires, just fill them with water and insert your plants. These can then be either tied with threads to your ceilings, or adapted to metal supports that embellish your shelves.

Bring flowers in boots

How many times do you arrive at the end of the rainy season, with your rain boots too worn to be reused? Or even simply those of your children who are now grown up and therefore no longer need them: rain boots can be perfectly transformed into cute flower boxes . Surely original, finding a place for them is easy as they rest easily on any surface, and the result will surely be of impact.

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