Oil painting

How to paint a still life in oil

Among the most beautiful paintings in art often it appears nature slept. Many were the painters to deal with it over time. This curious name is taken from the representations of a composition of objects, flowers, fruit, or other inanimate things. The term was invented to distinguish a genre of a painting of Northern European origin. To interpret this type of painting it is necessary to grasp the fixed figures. Then, bring them back to the canvas as they are placed. Also, there are no precise methods to do it! In fact, it can be painted in various ways. One of the most used techniques is the oil one. The way of painting involves the spreading of pure color on the canvas.

To paint a still life in oil, you have to take into consideration some important details. First of all, the first thing to do is to choose the subject to paint. Once the point has been identified, the subject must be positioned. Then place the canvas on a support surface and the material you will need to paint. Therefore, this must have all the characteristics to be able to perform the painting. The brushes must have different shapes, to then be able to obtain the various shades of color. In the following step, I will explain how to paint a still life in oil. In this case, painting some pears with the oil colors that I indicate to you.

The first thing to do is to start drawing the two pears on the canvas. Then take the pencil and draw the two shapes next to each other. Trying to take into account the lines and contours. In this way when you bring the color with the brushes you will distinguish the rest of the painting. Once the base is finished, start painting the background. Take the flat brush and brush with black oil paint. Starting from the top of the canvas to define all the outlines. Being careful not to dip into the fruit. At this point, paint the base of the subject using yellow and ocher. By arranging small amounts of color and reproducing tones and shades.

Continue by adding a quantity of red color to the yellow base. Brushing where needed. And then, get the best shades. After that, finish the base with a light brown. Making glazes all around. Finally, define the pears’ stalks with olive green earth. Here’s how to paint a still life in oil.


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