How to learn German?

Learning German is not an easy task: among the many languages ​​that can be studied, it is in fact one of the most complex, both because of a grammar that is anything but immediate, and because of the sounds, very different from those of Italian. Learning German is particularly important if you are aiming for professional growth, considering the large amount of exchanges that exist between Italy and Germany: in recent years, the commercial exchange has in fact reached record levels, with a great need for employees who know the language in order to manage commercial operations. Sifting through the job offers, in fact, it can be seen that German is among the languages ​​most requested by companies. This is why learning German is particularly important.

The study of German
Therefore, to study German, a difficult and complex language, it is necessary to have an iron motivation, and not to be discouraged by the initial difficulties: just think that just to learn the basics, reaching an intermediate level, a couple of years of study are necessary. . It is very difficult to study self-taught, for this reason, it is always better to look for a German course that takes place in your city: ideal to turn to a good language school or in any case to trained teachers able to transmit not only the correct notions but also the right amount of passion for the language.

How to learn German
When you decide to undertake the study path, therefore following a course, you must also decide how to do it. So how do learn German? You can in fact choose between

Individual lessons
Group lessons
Taking lessons individually allows you to have a dedicated teacher all the time. Instead, studying in a class, in addition to being less expensive, allows comparison with other students, with mutual stimulation and the possibility of learning not only from one’s own mistakes but also from those of others.

But self-study at home is also essential to learn German in the best possible way.

The study method
When you are preparing to study what you have learned in class, you have to put in place the right learning method (a bit like a guitar or piano course !) Which varies according to the person and his peculiarities. Therefore each student must find the modalities that are most congenial to him. However, there are some basic tips to learn German in the best way:

First of all, it is necessary to establish what the study times will be and to respect them
Secondly, you need to prepare a study plan, setting yourself some objectives: where you want to go, what level of learning you want to achieve and so on.
Finally, it is important to set small goals, such as how many words to learn by a certain date or how much to study within the week.
The fundamental thing, however, is to check whether the objectives set have been achieved, how much has been learned and how much more can be learned.

Another important trick for studying German, as with all other languages, will be to follow films in the mother tongue, subtitled: this will allow you to learn German and its pronunciation in a pleasant way, while learning new words at the same time.

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